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Are you STRESSED OUT having to deal with post-election FALLOUT in your class?

Learn a POWERFUL tool to help  build allies and leaders in your classroom during these troubling and divisive times

Connection Circles: How to create allies & leaders in your classroom
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Thursday, February 2 @ 6:00pm MST

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Alicia Garcia, M.Ed.

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Has the election made your job as a teacher EVEN HARDER?

Here’s what we are hearing from teachers...

  • My students feel threatened and unsafe
  • Bullying behavior is at an all-time high
  • Disruptive energy has swept through my classroom 

And what we are hearing from the kids is even more PAINFUL…

  • Will the new president send me and my family away?
  • Other kids are being meaner now
  • I feel sad. Angry and scared of what’s going to happen next
  • I was born here, but the kids treat me like an alien
Connection Circles Teaching Tool

In these troubling and divisive times, we need tools/strategies to build allies and leaders, while still getting through our content and maintaining political neutrality. It’s such a tall order, but I’ve been using something in my class to mitigate the anxiety, hate, and fear and it’s made a HUGE difference.

The Connection Circles tool is the foundational building block of Restorative Practices (which are endorsed by the Department of Education) and something teachers across the country are using to ease tension in the classroom and prevent disruptions. 

So if you are a teacher who wants some real & lasting RELIEF, join me for the FREE training I’ve put together. I’ll show you the exact tool I’ve been using so you can take it to your classroom.

Free ONLINE Training For Compassionate Teachers...

Learn a POWERFUL tool that will completely transform the atmosphere in your classroom!

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